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Story 1: Order tracking, RMA request, credit card payment on the web

Client receives more than 8,000 sales orders on monthly basis. To provide the customer support for this volume of orders covering areas such as order status, shipping info, and order tracking require many men hours and resources. We successfully implemented the web solution by using PHP and MySQL technology and developed the major features as listed below in order to greatly reduce the manpower demands.

o       Upload order status from internal Sage Pro SO system to the web

o       Upload parcel shipment tracking # to the web, tracking # includes shipment companies such UPS and FedEx. Furthermore, by clicking on the tracking #, it enables automatic routing to the UPS and/or FedEx web site for the most updated shipment status.

o       Upload tracking pro number for trucking companies like ABF, Best, Daylight, Dependable, Old Dominion, Roadrunner, Roadway, SAIA, SouthEastern, Yellow, that allows customers clicking on the tracking pro number then automatically route to the trucking company’s web site for the most current status.

o       On-line credit card payment process linking with internal Sage Pro AR (Accounts Receivable) system.

o       On-line request for parts, then uploading into Sage Pro for automated processing.

o       On-line request RMA (Return Merchandize Authorization), then uploading into Sage Pro for automated processing.


Story 2: Direct orders downloading from “Yahoo Shopping” into the Sage Pro SO system

The customer receives orders through Yahoo Shopping. On daily basis, the numbers of orders range from 100 to 200.  In the past, in order to process these orders, it requires workers hours to key data into the internal system – Quick Book at the time. We successfully implemented the Sage Pro system and order downloading solution to save duplications in processing and resources.

This particular project includes:

o      Implementation and training of the Sage Pro solution.

o      Developing the interface program to enable downloading orders directly from Yahoo. In addition, a special technique was utilized to handle the largely consumer customer base usually is recognized by email address.  Such technique automatically generating 6-digit customer numbers when loading orders into Sage Pro.  

o      Implementing many checking functions on the download to Sage Pro system to ensure the data accuracy and integrity.

o      Implementing basic bar code function into Sales Order in order to effectively increase speed of order processing.


Story 3: Internet, Intranet link with Sage Pro SO project for a global business client

This client has a global business. They need a real-time inventory and order processing system to meet their 24 hours operations demands. We successfully implemented the solution by using Microsoft .NET and SQL technology.

This project includes:

o       Implementing Internet site for their customers to browsing inventory availabilities and placing orders. 

o       Implementing Intranet site for their employees to control the inventory, security, order processing, purchase order processing and generate analysis reports

o       Sales orders and Returns will then upload into Sage Pro SO system

o       Purchase orders and Returns will then upload into Sage Pro PO system