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Here are just portions of the testimonials come from our invaluable customers, whom we have all become friends after so many years' relationship. (Sort by company name)


Janet from Amida Food Corp.

I would like to thank you for your best services to our company. Your fast and reliable services help us solve lots of problem and difficulty when our company changed a new system and new computers. Your professional knowledge and experience help our company increase our working efficiency and save more money.    

I will definitely refer your services to any company or friends who need help!


Joey from Avatar Technology 

We are a group of companies and we have been using SBT and ACCPAC for the last ten years. This accounting software is very user friendly and you can export report using excel. The most important thing for us is the technical support as well. We always get immediate support from Long whenever there are issues and it is resolved on a timely basis.


Greta from Boss Office Products

We have a very reliable "professional partnership" with Lo-Jong Corp., because this company is not only pro-active helps to improve our problems, Lo-Jong Corp also supported our company like friend not just a client.

Thank you!


Oliver from Calico Brands, Inc.

We had been using Sage Pro (SBT) software for more than 10 years and had recently upgraded to version 7.3 with Microsoft SQL as backend database.

Thanks to Lo-Jong Corp.'s knowledge and friendly support, we had worked together to re-program a lot of modified features into the new version.

With the relationship with Lo-Jong Corp., we are ready to add more features when needed to expand the company.


Simon from Goldmax Industries, Inc.

Thank you for providing us with excellent and prompt service and support
through the custom accounting program that you've developed for us
throughout the past 2 years. 
The program fitted our needs perfectly and we will definitely add more
functions when we need it.


Jonathan from Gromax Enterprises Corp.

Thank you Long! You have helped our business a great deal!

You are always great at answering all of our questions and we appreciate your dedicated customer service and support!


Paul from Lalani Steel, Inc.

Lo-Jong Corp. has been assisting Lalani Steel, Inc's Software and Hardware needs since 2004.  They provide excellent professional service, to name few, Lo-Jong Corp. was instrumental in implementing Lalani Steeel's E-commerce On-Line Business System and Integration to MIS.
Lo-Jong Corp. are trustworthy, reliable,  cost effective and provide even Offsite professional service to clients in case of emergency.


Cristina from La Pizza Loca, Inc.

I would like to say that Lo-Jong Corp. offers a very professional service. Mr. Tang has always met our requirements and has been very supportive of our staff. He has always been there for us when we needed him and responded very quickly to our calls saving us a lot of time and trouble. Efficient, knowledgeable and willing to help!


Winston from Maxwell Sensors Inc.

Lo-Jong Corporation has provided excellent and timely IT support for our company for the past eight years. Their customer service is very responsive and they keep up to date with the most current IT development.  Mr. Long Tang, their president, has an exceptionally upbeat attitude and is a pleasure to do business with.

Six months ago we upgraded our company’s server system, and in order not to affect our business operations, Lo-Jong scheduled their engineers to do the upgrade over the weekend.  Another time, when our network color laser printer suddenly disabled out of the blue, we almost purchased a new printer.  Since our warranty with Dell had just expired and their technicians could not find the problem, we decided to call Long.  With a few questions, Long was able to pin point that our IP address had been automatically reassigned due to a power outage the previous day.  He saved us $600 within 5 minutes.


Gloria from PM Gloves, Inc.

Since we started using Sage Pro we haven't had any problems. It is easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone because the service is excellent and if we have any questions we could always contact consultant to get an answer.


Desmond from Radnoti Glass Technology, Inc.

We are extremely pleased with the support and service provided by Lo-Jong Corporation for all of our software modules. Being a mid level-manufacturing firm with over 580 products, our accounting package is mission critical to our day to day operations. Very rapid response and attention to detail are key factors in our continued reliance on Lo-Jong Corp for our software needs.  From custom queries and reporting to debugging and repairing user error issues Lo-Jong has been there every step of the way as our need change with the continued growth of the company.


Dandy from TRLA Group, Inc.

Our company is very glad found Lo-Jong Corp. to maintain our accounting software.

We have been doing business now for 5 years and are appreciative of how Long Tang has reinvented himself through the years to accommodate our needs.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Long always gave us his support.


Charlton from Twin Dragon Marketing Inc.

Lo-Jong Corp -- Rapid response, Solid technique.

We had smooth migration without issues.


Hank from Wan Hai Lines (America) LTD.

I just wanted to let you guys at Lo-Jong Corporation know that we appreciate all the hard work and continued support we have received from you since the implementation of our Sage-Pro Accounting software.  It is so nice to know that you are available at all times to answer our questions and lend a helping hand.  Thanks so much for your commitment to excellence and your continued support of our finance department.


John from WJB Bearings, Inc.

I want to express my thanks to Mr. Long Tang at Lo-Jong Corp. whom we have retained to assist us in building and maintaining our Sage Pro ERP system for the past 3 years. 

Long invests the time to get to know the characters of the company he is working on personally, and he has a keen ability of finding us a prompt and successful resolution. He is always an easy communicator and reliable partner to work with, making our business operate more efficiently. 

We look forward to working more with him in the future.


A computer component manufacturer/wholesaler

Lo-Jong corporation provided excellent business consulting services.  They demonstrated their professionalism during each phase of the project.  Planning phase was thorough; they do not skip any important details.  Execution/implementation phase is punctual; they deliver what they promised.  Even after the project, they provide friendly maintenance consulting to back their confidence in their service.