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Success Stories:

If you need software program to grow your company, we have the solution for you.


Story 1: SO system to overcome constant price changes challenge

Under ideal business environment, the inventory’s selling price only changes on annual basis. However, recent volatile oil price fluctuations call for the need for frequent pricing adjustments (i.e. monthly or quarterly basis).  Under this circumstance, it requires a lot of effort for Order Processing to control the updated pricing. If pricing control is ineffectively and incorrectly, the company can easily lose revenues. For one of our clients, we successful implemented the following pricing control solution:

o       1st priority: Set-up on sales items table

o       2nd priority: Set-up each item category percentage

o       3rd priority: Set-up price cost percentage change program

o       4th priority: Assign unique price table with price level correlate to each customer

o       5th priority: Set-up price tables with date range, each table can contain up to 9 different price levels


Story 2: Automated commission calculating programs

Sales associates’ commission calculation always takes many efforts and valuable time, and it is recurring at least on monthly basis. Some of our clients even indicated that it usually took them 2 weeks just to process the sales commission check every month. But each company’s commission structures are different, so the commission calculating program becomes one of the most well-developed programs we have done.

To describe one of the more sophisticated programs we had developed for one of our clients:

o      Define multiple sales associates for each customer

o      Define commission calculation rules base on priorities

·       1st priority: sales associate + item rate

·       2nd priority: customer + item rate

·       3rd priority: sales associate + customer rate

·       4th priority: sales associate standard rate

·       Each rule above can be base on % or $, and can setup valid date range

o      Develop commission calculating program based on the above rules

No matter how sophisticated your commission rules required, we can automate them for you. 


Story 3: Order approval and printing control

Duplicate and incorrect shipments cost company money and resources. We implemented the following steps to mitigate such errors:

o       Block duplicating sales orders from the same PO.

o      Check SO to block generating orders from the following scenarios: credit hold, past due, over credit limit, require prepayment, require tax, and price discrepancy

o       Suspend printing for sales orders which are within “on hold” status.

o       Duel control system provided for internal accounting department for approval and release of the orders in holding status and enable the print queue for further processing.


Story 4: Upgrade Sage Pro system from v.5.0 to v.7.3 with Microsoft SQL backend.

Client’s business has outgrown its Sage Pro 5.0 version and needed a more advanced database engine to host its valuable information. Its 5.0 version was highly customized. We successful redesigned all of the custom modifications into 7.3 version with Microsoft SQL engine. Furthermore, we assist the client implemented additional 5 different company settings utilizing the same Sage Pro installation with tremendous savings.


Story 5: Automated SO generating program for RMA

This client is receiving return merchandize orders directly from the web site. In order to automate the process, we developed a RMA downloading program as an EXE file, which enabling its Java program to activate the execute program to automatically generate return SO in Sage Pro.


Story 6: Robust inventory serial number picking during SO shipment

This client sells expensive electronic components, and traces them by enabling the serial number control function. Since each order can easily contain large quantity of various items, tremendous efforts and time are spent to assign the serial numbers during the shipping process. We implemented the robust serial number picking program during SO shipment, which greatly improve the workflow efficiency.


Story 7: Confidential inventory cost solution

This client likes to protect the inventory cost data from its employees during order processing and from daily operations. We enhanced its Sage Pro security by successfully blocking cost information from system’s forms, screens, and/or reports.


Story 8: UPS/FedEx and Sage Pro shipment linking program

Many clients use UPS or FedEx for product shipments. Without the linking between the UPS/FedEx systems with the Sage Pro program, it takes extra efforts to entering the same shipping information. With the ShipLink software developed, clients can easily export the shipping method, address, and even the 3rd party shipment information into the UPS/FedEx systems. Then further retrieving the shipment tracking numbers back to Sage Pro SO program.


Story 9: Audit trail for daily operations

In many companies, audit trails for daily operations are very important to document changes. To satisfy such request, we developed the various audit programs to display processes and changes for Managements’ view. (i.e. Order entered by which employee, Item price modified on particular day by specific employee and so on.)


Story 10: PO processing with trucking container shipment control and extra costs for margin analysis project

For wholesales distribution companies whom required high volume of container movements, it is a challenge to control each container’s ETA date and movement status. It is also difficult to have control on the final inventory sales margin due to additional costs involved during shipment. We provided a “PO shipment control” system as a solution. Within the PO system control system, user can enter information such as:

·       Container status: Required ship date, current ship date, ETA port loading date, ETA delivery date, ETA final date

·       Container info: B/L #, container #, vessel #, document faxed, us custom form and etc.

·       Additional costs involved: ocean freight, inbound freight, harbor fee, special assess, broker fee, FDA, bank, interest, duty and so on.

And generate:

·       Reports to analyze the PO status

·       Report to analyze the sales margin


Story 11: Specially developed reports

Many reports have been developed to satisfy various clients’ special needs. Just to list a few:

o       AP check register report with detailed GL distributions information

o       Top customers sales analysis report

o       No sales customers that need to be taken care urgently report

o       Sales analysis based on “ship-to” address report

o       Inventory shortage report

o       Inventory over-stock report

o       Customers ranking report

o       Sales associates detailed analysis report

o       Item last sold date report

o       PO ETA date report

o       PO weekly arrived report

o       And many more.