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A powerful, secure and stable computer networking structure is the key to the success. With so many computer networks installed, we can provide the solution needed.


Computer Networking:

From linking 2 computers to 50 computers, we have the knowledge and skills to help. There are some key components which will highly affect the network performance:

·       The server’s power and capacity: depends on the programs and data that need to be shared on the server, the server machine should configure accordingly. 

·       The network switch’s capacity: the switch controls all the data flows within the network structure, a good switch will makes a big difference. Usually this is the least expensive equipment, but will get big result quickly.

·       The cabling structure: try to implement the category 6 cables to improve the performance when permissible. 

Remote Connection:

Your business is going global, and needing to connect offices in Europe, Asia, South America… Or connecting sales associates located in New York, Florida, Washington, Hawaii… No problem, we can provide the remote connection to save the day.


Firewall Protection:

Internet is convenient, but there are security issues to be considered.  We  implemented Cisco firewall router, Windows ISA server to provide answers to these concerns. 

Employee access Internets, under some circumstances, if not control properly, it may allow employees spending valuable working time visiting prohibited sites. The Windows ISA server can provide the blocking capability.


Virus Protection:

Virus and Spyware are big headaches. We implemented Trend Micro Worry-Free security solutions for many clients.  We strongly suggest this software for easy installation and good performance. 


Data Backup:

Data backup is so critical, it ensures in any circumstances, the company still has the valuable data to run its business. We implemented various data backups techniques from tape backup, external hard drive backup, NAS drive backup, Acronis backup solutions base on the client’s needs and preferrences.


Power Backup

For computer network, the main servers are the most important component. If the servers shut down abruptly, there will be no access and may cause damages to the data. That’s the reason that power protection is critical for the servers. It is not only protecting against the power spikes, but also avoiding sudden shutting down of the servers due to power outage.